Steve Finch

07966 512107

Local marketing support for local businesses – short / long term contract or salary

My Approach

Core marketing strategy and website design / content must align.

Getting the fundamental website design and content right from the ground up provides the foundations for successful Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media promotions

Website Build & Development

  • Website build
  • Website management
  • SEO
  • News updates and strategy
  • Social media links
  • Content photography

Websites Built For Search Engines

  • Getting the fundamentals right
  • Real world organic traffic growth
  • Linking online and offline marketing strategy
  • Informed and strategy driven targeting within the design and content

Business Support. Online & Offline Marketing

Post Graduate Chartered Institute of Marketing and SFEDI Business Advice


  • Online social media marketing and identity management
  • Traditional marketing and brand development
  • Project, research & consultation support
  • Long term strategy and hands-on implementation
  • H&S advice
  • Flexible Contracts
    Long Term
    Short Term
    Full Time
    Part Time